Getting rid of the pesky "Only the entries in the Progr

Posted by Simon L. Prinsloo on 02-Apr-2020 14:55

Good day

Does anybody know how to get rid of these messages? The solution in my old thread ( no longer works.

I have created a new workspace in PDSOE 12.1 and imported some projects that were originally created in 11.7.

But for each project there is an info message of type "Migration Build Warning" in the Problems tab reading: "Only the entries in the Progress OpenEdge -> Build -> Source Tab in the Project Properties page are built."

This is irritating clutter telling me that PDSOE is going to do what it did ever since 11.0 and does not make sense to have unless I imported something from a pre-v11 workspace. That is presumably if you use the default builder, which does not even exist in the workspace as I am using an ANT based builder instead.

I had a similar problem before in 11.4, except that it was a warning message, but the solution as described in that thread does not work, as double clicking the info message  does not open the relevant properties page and as I noted in the previous thread, navigating to the dialogue yourself do not fix the problem.

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