Suppressing Messages Going to Progress Message Area

Posted by Roger Blanchard on 20-Feb-2020 12:58

I have an app with basically no UI the user can see. When our app starts we create an instance of a GUI for .NET form with its Visible property = FALSE. We then execute WAIT-FOR Application:Run().

We do this as to allow us to receive SystemEvents such as SystemEvents:SessionEnding as well as allow us to show a NotifyIcon. The issue I am having is there appears to be certain errors I am unable to trap and they are displayed in an old gui progress window in the message area. Is there any way to capture these messages so I can simply log them to our log file? The one we are struggling with is when you shutdown PASOE will this app is running you get "Connection failure for host <host-name> port <port-number> transport HTTP. (9407)

I do see this in my logs but it is also being displayed in this ugly old gui window.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Posted by oedev on 26-Feb-2020 16:07

Try re-directing the output to nul on the shortcut used to run the application, I think something like that has worked for me before.

Documented here:

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