PASOE 11.7 multi-session agent db connections

Posted by Tim Kuehn on 19-Feb-2020 15:30

I have a requirement to connect to a db on the fly, do some stuff, and then disconnect. (Personally I'd prefer not to do this, but that's the requirement right now).

With the old appservers I could do that easily enough.

With the PASOE multi-session agents I'm wondering if that's allowed.

Put it another way - can the individual sessions get their own (set of) connection(s) to an arbitrary set of db(s), or do they share the same connections across sessions?

Session 1: connected to "A"

Session 2: connected to "B"

Session 3: connected to "A", then connects to "C" and then disconnects.

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Posted by Peter Judge on 19-Feb-2020 15:58

That should all work the same way in PASOE.
The Agent has its own db conenction, but each session in that agent is free to connect and disconnect to the databases it needs to, however it needs to (whether via properties or the CONNECT statement).

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