OpenEdge 11.7.5 - OpenEdge XML parser to replace saxon

Posted by atuldalvi123 on 19-Feb-2020 13:25

Hello All,

Is there an OpenEdge XML parser available that we can use instead of Saxon?

Thanks in advance.

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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 19-Feb-2020 13:56

Yes.  We have both a DOM parser and a SAX reader.

Posted by atuldalvi123 on 20-Feb-2020 06:56

But how do we validate the xsd with SAX parser. I tried one example available on progress site but it was not working as expected.

Any references ?

Posted by bronco on 20-Feb-2020 07:59

Could you tell us why it's not working as expected?

Posted by atuldalvi123 on 20-Feb-2020 08:16

actually even if i put something wrong in the xsd its not validating.

Do u have any other program example other than available on

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