How to completely delete PASOE appserver and db using script

Posted by fiservarvind on 19-Jan-2020 04:00


I have a folder which contains db and pasoe appserver instance. I am trying to delete complete db and appserver instance using some scripts like, pasman or tcman. Some are useful but its not completely deleting all the references of appserver, e.g. Progress appserver still displays in windows services.

Is there a way which can delete my complete db and appserver folder and also all the references of db and appserver from the OS as well in one go?

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Posted by Ruben Dröge on 19-Jan-2020 08:24

I don't think there is a reference in Windows Services to a DB, however the PASOE reference is/can be there. You'll first need to unregister the PASOE instance as a Windows service (check the tcman/pasman reference documentation for PASOE). One could argue that i.e. a pasman delete command should take care of that as well.

Posted by Michael Jacobs on 19-Jan-2020 14:05

When you are using Window Services, all of the Windows service apis and administration applications are available to you.   For instance, the Powershell Remove-Service.  Just pointing out you have options.

Do follow Rubens order of operations.  But having PASMAN automatically unregister a Windows Service during a delete sounds like a wonderful idea to submit.

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