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Posted by Blake Stanford on 02-Jan-2020 17:32

OE 11.7.5

I'm setting up HybridRealm authentication; it is set to create and seal the CP.  I would like to set the session-id property of the CP to something other than the default spring uses to create the CP, is there a way to set the cp.session-id before spring seals it?  In my Realm class?

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Posted by Irfan on 02-Jan-2020 17:40

Hi Blake,

It cannot be done. Do you want to replace session-id property specifically or would you like to add a new property and set whatever you like to ?

Posted by Blake Stanford on 02-Jan-2020 18:12

If the only option is a new property then I could make that work.  How would one do that?

Posted by Irfan on 02-Jan-2020 18:52


Attached an example for you. Look at the oeablSecurity.properties and you will find a property in OERealm named "OERealm.UserDetails.propertiesAttrName" you to set that value.  Its just name of the static property in OERealm class. 

In the OERealm class, look for OERealmDefs.cls where you have this static property defined. In OEUserRealm.cls, in the "GetAttribute" method you can see we a condition that if "OERealmDefs:REALM_ATTR_PROPERTIES" is set then it creates a bunch of properties as key value pair in JSON and return them back as a longchar. 

While the Client-Principal gets created, these properties gets added and you should be good with that.

Let me know if you have any issues with the example.

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