Create an OCX of .NET UI and use it in progress .w OR create

Posted by fiservarvind on 10-Dec-2019 12:55

We have a requirement where we want to replace existing image LEAD tool OCX control. We can see that .NET PictureBOX controls fulfills most of our requirements but we cannot use it directly in our .w window. There is way like create .NET form and embed .w inside it but for our existing case that is too much complicated and time consuming.  

We don't want to use any other existing OCX controls available for imaging.

Is there a we can create an OCX for a progress 4gl ABL form and we can use it like an OCX control in progress .w window. If this is not possible then is there a way to create an OCX for a .NET UI and use it like an OCX control in progress .w window?

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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 10-Dec-2019 17:38

Hi Arvind,
Visual Studio used to have the ability to put a COM (ActiveX) wrapper around user control so it could be used the way you want.  Check and see if that functionality is still there.

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