How do I specify a Web client operating mode?

Posted by dpackerSIG on 03-Dec-2019 00:11

I've successfully deployed a web client, but it is not working; I get an error message saying that the client operatingMode is not matching the broker operatingMode.


I verified that the test_AS broker is running in Stateless (which I expect), but I don't see where to specify that the client run in a Stateless mode, either in the xpxg or wsm files.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated .. thank you!


[19/12/02@15:56:06.631-0800] P-013767 T-http-8080-3 1 xxsfptexp ----------------        at

[19/12/02@15:56:06.631-0800] P-013767 T-http-8080-3 2 xxsfptexp 4GL-Provider     Error in SOAP request execution: SessionPool : NoAvailableSessions[Request failure: client operatingMode does not match broker operatingMode (7251)] (10926)

[19/12/02@15:56:06.633-0800] P-013767 T-http-8080-3 4 wsa1 Message-Debug    Raw SOAP response:

[19/12/02@15:56:06.633-0800] P-013767 T-http-8080-3 4 wsa1 Message-Debug    <?xml version=''1.0'' encoding=''UTF-8''?>

[19/12/02@15:56:06.633-0800] P-013767 T-http-8080-3 4 wsa1 Message-Debug    <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">












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Posted by Stefan Drissen on 03-Dec-2019 06:14

You specify the mode when generating the wsm using proxygen -

But... on ProgressTalk I saw that you were on 10.1C. When we implemented SOAP services (development around 10.1C, not rolled out until 10.2B) I think that state-free was the only supported option - since we changed the operating mode of our AppServers to state-free to support SOAP services.

Looking at - session managed (which stateless is) may not be such a good idea on 10.1C.

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