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Posted by DenDuze on 05-Nov-2019 14:41


I understand that you can create a cls with the definition of an enum.
In my case I want to test with a Enum for the different states an item can have.
In the database we already save those values but they are saved as integers (0 means "new", 1 means "replaced", ...)
So now I want to use Enums for those values so that thee are better readable in the coding.

I thought that those enums could be used like:
if item.Status eq ItemStatus:New then ....
assign item.Status = ItemStatus:New

But it looks like you can't use Enums that way. Am I correct here or is there some way that I can use them this way?.
The explanation is that you can only assign an Enum to a field/variable that has that Enum-type.

So I should define a variable of the type ItemStatus, assign that the value of item.Status and then check if that variable eq itemStatus:New
Or I can also use the getvalue-/toString-methods to assign the value (like item.status = ItemStatus:new:getvalue())

But again, I find it strange that I just can not use <enum>:<value> (like itemStatus:New) in a comparison or assignment.
Can't the language convert this internally depending on the data-type where it's compared/assigned with? (so without the need of defining a variable of that enums-type or by using the GetValue- or GetString-method)


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Posted by Simon L. Prinsloo on 05-Nov-2019 16:39

You need to use either the :GetValue() :ToString() methods or INTEGER()/INT64()/STRING() functions.

assign item.Status = ItemStatus:New:GetValue(). 


assign item.Status = integer(ItemStatus:New).

There is an idea asking that the cast should be automatic when there is a db field on the other side of the equation. You can vote for it here.

Posted by DenDuze on 06-Nov-2019 07:02

Damn, thats what I feared

Voted ;-)

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