oejmx - virtual machine "PID" does not support dyn

Posted by ssouthwe on 04-Nov-2019 16:31

I'm looking at a development PAS instance in 11.7, and trying to run oejmx queries.  No matter what I run, I get results like this:

proenv>oejmx -Q jmxqueries\getagents.qry
Exception in thread "main" java.io.IOException: This virtual machine "10536" does not support dynamic attach.
at sun.tools.jconsole.LocalVirtualMachine.startManagementAgent(LocalVirtualMachine.java:94)
at com.progress.appserv.util.jmx.JvmWatch.connect(JvmWatch.java:572)
at com.progress.appserv.util.jmx.PASOEWatch.process(PASOEWatch.java:117)
at com.progress.appserv.util.jmx.PASOEWatch.process(PASOEWatch.java:107)
at com.progress.appserv.util.jmx.PASOEWatch.main(PASOEWatch.java:49)

I am running the command in proenv in the same session and under the same userID as the instance was started with tcman.

Anyone have any ideas what to try next?

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