Is it possible to capture snapshots when profiling in PDSOE?

Posted by jquerijero on 30-Oct-2019 21:40

Is it possible to create snapshots, so it will be possible to profile only a specific functionality at a time? Or at least a differencing tool to compare two .prof files. 

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Posted by dbeavon on 31-Oct-2019 14:34

I would typically wrap small portions of the code (or copy/paste snippets) into a test program.  Then I run the test program with profiling enabled.

The only real challenge is when a complex set of parameters or a large dataset is used as an input to one portion of the profiled code which is of interest.

In that case, I often save the dataset out to a file with WRITE-XML.  And my test program will read it back in again as a first step before doing the work that I want to have profiled.

Posted by Brahmayya Chowdari on 01-Nov-2019 05:56

Hi Joseph, at present in PDSOE there is no provision to compare two profiler sessions or create snapshots. There is a tool (Profiler Control tool) in Progress forum ( ). Is this something you are looking for?



Posted by jquerijero on 01-Nov-2019 14:15


I will check it out.

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