Need help with deployment of WAR file and URI

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I have created a ABL Web APP abd have also deployed to to the PAS server by creating the WAR file. But i cannot see the .r files of classes in the PAS server directory after deployment . Please help me with the below questions :

1) What is the correct way to deploy the WAR file so that .r files should also be copied to right directory.

2) What should be the URI of a class to be concatenated to URL when we make a call .

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Posted by egarcia on 25-Oct-2019 19:28


The following KBase article may help you:


During development, PDSOE would be configured to copy the r-code from the AppServer folder to publishDir.

This would generally be the openedge folder for PASOE instance.

In production, you can copy the r-code to any location based on the PROPATH that you set up.

You can set up the PROPATH for the agent or for an ABL web application if you are deploying into a named (non-default) ABL webapp.

Related link:


I hope this helps.

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