Can I change the color of operators and brackets in the Open

Posted by Ruben Dröge on 16-Oct-2019 12:05

I've been able to select a Dark theme in PDSOE via:

Windows > Preferences > General > Appearance

After that I've set different colors via:

Windows > Preferences > Progress OpenEdge > Editor > Colors

That all seems to work fine, except for my operators (<> = []), is there no way to change their colors?

When I look in my Java editor / Groovy editor settings, I am able to set those colors (i.e. the equal sign).


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Posted by Ruben Dröge on 21-Oct-2019 12:23

Anyone? My guess this is a level of detail that was never implemented.

Posted by Brahmayya Chowdari on 21-Oct-2019 13:33

Hi Ruben, Yes, this option to change the color of operators needs to be implemented for OpenEdge Editor.



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