11.7 PASOE Hybrid Realm with 10.2B database

Posted by Mike Fechner on 20-Sep-2019 13:16


should it be possible to use an 11.7 PASOE with a hybrid realm authentication so that the client-principal received from Tomcat is accepted by the 10.2B database in set-db-client ?



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Posted by Michael Jacobs on 20-Sep-2019 14:48

Hi Mike,

Yes, it should work.   Both the 10.2 & 11.7 Client-Principal's seal algorithm are the same.  

Mike J.

Posted by Mike Fechner on 20-Sep-2019 17:18

Thanks, Mike!

Posted by Mike Fechner on 21-Sep-2019 09:05

Just to confirm, I was able to complete the setup that way. 10.2B08 DB with 11.7.5 PASOE accepting the PASOE's CP with SET-DB-CLIENT :)

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