Options for business-rules engine with OE application

Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 22-Jul-2019 16:32

We're starting to explore options for a business-rules engine to integrate with our OpenEdge applications (currently a mix of CHUI/GUI/PASOE, if that matters).  Corticon is obviously on the list though my understanding is that the main downside there is cost.

If you have experience integrating a BRMS with an OpenEdge application, Corticon or otherwise (or even evaluating doing so), I'd appreciate hearing about your experiences.  Thanks.

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Posted by agent_008_nl on 23-Jul-2019 07:15

Depends on your needs. If they are simple you can write a rules editor and interpreter yourself in ABL. Make the rules quickly accessible with temptables/datasets, you can make the rules immediately accessible after editing them. I have done this about six or seven years ago. If they are more complicated you can f.e. use a camunda rules editor (web based, open source). The rules are persisted in portable DMN 2.0 (xml), you can build the interpreter in ABL. I have done this with an elixir backend however elixirforum.com/.../2 . Drools can be used for an even more complicated rules engine.

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