Posted by 3than on 14-Jul-2019 17:25


Is there an example of a enhanced script?

Looking to add the following elements;

- confirm webspeed is installed

- block access during maintenance mode (avoid ugly "WebSpeed error from messenger process" message)

- confirm webspeed agent is running

- cleanse / sanitize URL string

- provide a secure / hardened script

- provide a soft exit, for any trapped errors or warning




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Posted by scott_auge on 15-Jul-2019 00:46

- You can only confirm the messenger is installed,  if that works, then you can only see if Webspeed is installed, then you can check if it is configured for your application, then determine if the transaction server is running.  So you are asking a bit of the messenger.

- Message when dealing with maintenance more:  Don't try to do this in the CGI script, there is no way for the script to know.

- Sanitize URL string - you need to be more specific on this question, part of the URL is sent to the transaction server and really doesn't need this done.

- Secure hardened script - on a web server?  That is why there is a messenger already.   Look in the Progress Knowledge base "WebSpeed DMZ".  Otherwise it is done on the web server by creating a https connection to connect thru and then set that to use the right Documents in the webserver.  That is generally good enough.

- Soft exit, trapped errors, or warning - this is application stuff, not the CGI script's territory.  You need to talk to the programmers.  Else, see the above error page redirect.

It is possible to set this up, just need some general knowledge that isn't obvious to a new person.

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