Strange line in client log while processing DYNOBJECTS entri

Posted by Simon L. Prinsloo on 12-Jul-2019 14:12


I am parsing client logs for DYNOBJECTS entries in search of an evasive memory leak. Then I came across this line:

[19/07/12@12:37:06.714+0200] P-000377 T-3731056384 3 AS-6 DYNOBJECTS     fmConvertLongchar LONGCHAR (someMethos some.class @ 246)

Does anybody know what that line means?

Normally a LONGCHAR is preceded with "Allocated" or "Deallocated", but what does "fmConvertLongchar" mean?

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Posted by Laura Stern on 12-Jul-2019 15:48

Seems like we’re converting a string to a LONGCHAR... for an assignment or parameter passing?  Can’t check right now so it’s a guess.  But if you look at the line in question, it may become obvious.

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