How many ways we connect Openedge RDBMS?

Posted by fiservarvind on 03-Jul-2019 14:09

Hi Guys,

Can someone please share me how many ways to connect Openedge DB? I know following 2 ways:

1. Connect -db <db-name> -S <port-number>...............

2. prowin32.exe -db <db-name>

We have requirement for a TDE enabled DB where we want to connect the DB with -Passphrase option. Connect statement can only be executed by progress 4gl code and it has the option to pass -KeyStorePassPharse as well. We have prowin32.exe as well which we are using to launch our production environment but problem with that we have to popup KeyStorePassword to user on UI as we don't have -KeyStorePassphrase option with prowin32.exe. We don't want to popup KeyStorePassword for user to enter it and it must be come from secret file in encrypted format and user should able to login without entering any passwords on UI.

Please suggest if I can do anything with above two option or is there any other solution for this?.

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