Color of the window title in Windows 10

Posted by mikaelstenmark on 05-Jun-2019 08:06


In our applications we disply some information in the window title which is important to the user. When the window 
becomes inactive, that information is displayed very poorly as the color of the title text changes. Is there any way to
change the color of the title of an inactive window via an ini file. Our programs use only ABL and OpenEdge original controls. We use OpenEdge 11.7.4 and Windows 10.


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Posted by Patrick Tingen on 05-Jun-2019 09:49

Fiddling with the window title colors does not look like a sustainable solution to me; you don't know what is running on the machine, so other customization apps might change it back. Or Windows itself. Besides, you are messing around with the UI guidelines of Microsoft by changing the color of an inactive window. You /can/ set the colors yourself via the Windows display settings, but if you want something to stand out, perhaps having a separate information bar at the top of your window might prove to be a better option.

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