How to skip session startup procedures for rest services

Posted by fiservarvind on 25-Apr-2019 08:56


We have a PASOE instance which we use for our application and REST services. Applications runs on session-managed mode but REST Services mode is session free. Due to this our session connect procedure is not executed and creating problems for session activate procedure(COnnect procedurecreates some context which is used by activate procedure) for REST Services.

We are not sure how to handle this situation where we want to run startup procedures for application and we don't want to run them for REST Services. There is one workaround for this to use SESSION:SERVER-OPERATING-MODE inside activate procedure and skip its logic if mode is SESSION-FREE.

Could someone please suggest best possible solution for this? 

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Posted by Irfan on 30-May-2019 00:53

Hi Arvind,

You can try the below condition. In PASOE, we provide AdapterType as a property in Current Request Info object, so you can put the condition in your activate procedure accordingly.

session:current-request-info:AdapterType eq AdapterTypes:REST

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