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Posted by dbeavon on 18-Apr-2019 15:27

We've started using the log rollover feature (by date).  It is a convenient feature that you can use for pasoe agent logs.  See below...

I'm wondering how this feature is implemented....  Would it be possible to add the {yyyy-MM-dd} feature anywhere else in the SessMgr properties as well?

For example, it would be nice to use it in the naming of our temp directories.  Those directories should be able to rollover by date as well.  If the temp directory would rollover then it would make cleanup operations more simple.  We would more easily write our temp directory cleanup scripts to delete folders that haven't been used in the past week or month.  It would also be safer, and we would not have to worry about deleting files that are potentially in use by PASOE.

This is a follow-up to an earlier question I had posted.  (see )

As-of now, our server team is still responsible for cleaning up this PASOE temp directory by hand.  About half the stuff in there is NOT related to custom code - but is stuff that is generated by the runtime (files named dbi, srt, lbi, rcd, etc).

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Posted by Peter Judge on 18-Apr-2019 15:44

The temp dir is tied to the AVM, and the AVM (used to, anyway) crash when the -T wasn't there. I don't know how a multi-session agent would react to one or more AVM's failing to start.
I *think* the way to do this (now anyway) would be to change the agentStartupParam property value with the new temp-dir and start (a) new agent(s) that use that new value. Once all the requests to the old agent are complete, shut it down.

Posted by dbeavon on 18-Apr-2019 16:41

Note that any pasoe msagent process will auto-magically start using the new date {yyyy-MM-dd} for its agent logs.  This works for ABL applications that are actively running within PASOE.  Here is the KB, in case it isn't clear that the feature is part of the product already:

But it sounds like you are saying that the -T property wouldn't be able to auto-magically respect the changing date the way the agent logs do...

It seems to me like it would be just as easy for the rolling date to be used for the purposes of the temp directory.  Any new ABL sessions should  pick up a the current directory name as they are being created.  I believe that the -T is provided as a local property for a new ABL session ... and old sessions can continue to use a different directory than new ones (until the old ones are finally trimmed out).

(Since you said it, I'm curious about how you are using  "AVM" in the context of pasoe.  Are you saying that each ABL session within a msagent process is running a distinct "AVM"?  Ie. there are several mini-AVM's hosted in an msagent process.  That is how I would use the term, but it seems to be open to discussion.)

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