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Posted by Patrick Tingen on 06-Mar-2019 09:55

I had to have my laptop reinstalled and thus lost my install of Developer Studio (classroom edition). I reinstalled it without problems (11.7), but when I enabled dark mode, the results were not as pleasing:

In my previous install, PDS was at least readable and if I am not mistaken, that was done without any additional tinkering. 

How can I make it more readable in dark mode?

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Posted by kevin hermans on 06-Mar-2019 11:00

Hi what I do it's not the best way I overrule some colors.
The black color is the default color set it to white and it should be ok.

OpenEdge ABL Editor

Oedt I think has some bug because not everything follow the default like <,>()= ... it stays black  
Maybe I have to make an issue at there site (sometimes to lazy) but I think today is a good moment to make an issue :)

Posted by Patrick Tingen on 06-Mar-2019 12:47

Ah, great! That was the setting I could not find.

One more question, while we're at the point of customizing :)

When I try to set the font, simply nothing happens. In the config window:

When I press the 'Edit' button (at the right) simply nothing happens. Is this disabled in the classroom edition or could it be there is something blocked on my laptop?

Clicking on 'Use system font' sets it to another font and then the 'Reset' button is enabled which - when pressed - sets it back to Courier

Posted by Sanjeva Manchala on 06-Mar-2019 13:20

Hi Patrick,
AFAIK, we didn’t restrict anything related to fonts and themes in OE classroom edition. Are you seeing any errors in the “error log” when you clicked on “Edit” button? You can open “Error Log” view in PDS OE using Window > Show View > Other > General > Error Log or you can open .log file from workspace location and see any errors are reported.

Posted by Patrick Tingen on 06-Mar-2019 13:50

Hi Sanjeev, thanks for your suggestion, but unfortunately nothing shows up in the log.

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