Old ABL GUI: Appbuilder throws LIST-ITEM_PAIRS error (7452)

Posted by Stefan Marquardt on 01-Mar-2019 16:16


I wanted to add a trigger to a text field but got problems with the .w file in general.
Something seems to be broken, during opening the design i get

LIST-ITEMS-PAIRS must contain an even number of entries to specific …. (7452)
**Atrribute LIST-ITEM-PAIRS for the COMBO-BOX Widget has an invalid … (4058)
Entry 2 is outside the range of list item 1.(560)

Then i can see the design (a chaotic form with many alternate Layouts an many controls on the same position )

After selecting the correct layout and trying to add a trigger to the text widget the widget field in the dialog is not selected and this widget is missing.

Maybe the first problems are the cause for the second one with the trigger.
My question is: How I can identfiy the combo-box which is the cause for all the errors?

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Posted by Patrick Tingen on 01-Mar-2019 17:04

It might be that some of the UIB markup is lost in the file, which could result in rendering issues while opening it. Some ideas:

0) Create a backup of the .w before you start fiddling with it

1) Compare the corrupt .w with one that opens correctly and compare the markup to that one

2) On the first error, open the debugger and step through the code to see where it occurs

3) Create a new .w, open old one with Notepad++ and move code over from old to new

Posted by James Palmer on 01-Mar-2019 17:10

0.5) Compare previous revisions of the file in your version control tool to see where the UIB markup went missing.

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