Ways to upload data in 8.2 version of Progress database

Posted by francois.caron on 14-Feb-2019 22:02


We'd like to know if there are existing Tools or efficient ways to upload data directly into a 8.2 progress database. Is there another ways to do this without using flat files formatted into columns?

For now, we have an old website with an Access database that we should rebuild from scratch. The way the data is transferred on a day basis from this website's database to a Progress database used for another part of the global system, is by using flat files. In the Progress part of the system, a script launched to read these flat files to pump the data into its own Progress database.

As we have to rebuild the Website part of the system and its database but we do not plan to rebuild the Progress part at the same time, we have to know if there's a way to connect directly to the Progress database from another one like SQL server for example.

 Thanks a lot

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Posted by gus bjorklund on 14-Feb-2019 22:46

there was an (optional) odbc interface for 8.2 and also ESQL/C.

sorry, but i've no idea where to get those pieces nowadays.

Posted by ChUIMonster on 14-Feb-2019 22:47

Progress 8.2 is ancient, obsolete and unsupported.  You should upgrade to a reasonably modern release such as 11.7 or, soon, 12.

There may be a few things that need attention and there is, of course, testing required.  But if you can compile your application's source code then you can very easily upgrade from Progress 8 to OpenEdge 11 or 12.  Progress maintains excellent backward compatibility and does not require you to rebuild your application just to upgrade to a supported release.

If upgrading is not an option then simple file based imports are, by far, the simplest, most efficient and most reliable way to import data into a version 8 database.

When 8.2 was released 20+ years ago ODBC was just barely starting to appear in the world.  There were some very rudimentary drivers that you could obtain that would give you some crude connectivity along those lines.  Compared to the sort of connectivity that you are probably used to seeing, or which you could get with 11.7, they are not going to be very impressive.  It would be amazing if you can even find them and get them working.

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