Difference between maxABLSessionsPerAgent & maxConnectio

Posted by itzmesaravana on 12-Jan-2019 14:15

OE v11.7.1

Hi Team,

Can someone explain me the difference between maxABLSessionsPerAgent & maxConnectionsPerAgent? My bad - I couldn't find any documentation around these 2 parameters which will explain me the difference. 

Scenario that we are facing - We have a Webspeed App that would send request to another app running on PASOE. The values of these 2 params are 16 for maxConnectionsPerAgent and 200 for maxABLSessionsPerAgent but when the load increases on the webspeed app the pasoe agents gets saturated though it has 200 maxABLSessionsPerAgent (and the load is not that heavy to saturate 200). We are planning to increase the values and do a round of load testing next week but would be nice to know the difference between these 2 params before tweaking and playing around with the values. Thanks in advance!

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Posted by mopfer on 14-Jan-2019 16:30
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