ABL Window does not regain focus after embedded OCX browse g

Posted by MBeynon on 07-Jan-2019 14:23


We have an ABL application with a main window that has a number of OCX compaonents within it. One of these is an OCX HTML component.

The Application has an "ON CTRL-F ANYWHERE" trigger that lauches a search application dialog.

The sequence of events is;

1. Open the application.

2. hit CTRL-3 and the search application opens.

3. Click into the browse OCX and hit CTRL-F and the browse search opens (expected).

4. Click out of the browse OCX (anywhere in the app) and hit CTRL-F and the browse search opens, not the app search.

I've tried various was of returning focus to the app window to re-enable the CTRL-F functionality but to no avail.

The HTML OCX itself has a leave trigger but this seems unreliable and even when it does fire I can't get the main window to gain focus even though it looks to have done.

The method I was using to try to get the window to regain focus was to apply entry to one of the ABL FILL-INs in the windows default frame.

Any assistance wth this would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. We are using OE102A.08

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Posted by Patrick Tingen on 07-Jan-2019 17:38

A little bit of guesswork here, but you could try to place a button outside of the ocx. In the choose-trigger place some code to disable the ocx. After that, try the CTRL-F again. Is your application responding now? If yes, then you should think of a way to automatically disable the ocx when the user leaves it (or when the user re-enters the frame).

Second option is to re-think the layout of the window. Of course I don't know it, but would it be an option to separate the ocx-part into its own pop-out window? If the user then decides to leave it, you could close that window and the problem would be gone as well.

Posted by MBeynon on 08-Jan-2019 08:05

Thanks for the ideas Patrick. I'll try these later today.

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