How to use environnement variables in OpenEdge Studio's

Posted by Samuel ETTERLEN on 29-Nov-2018 13:04

Hi there,

I need to set the -pf parameter with a relative path when I start my database in OpenEdge Studio, but because the working directory of this tool is set to %DLC% and because my target folder can be different from one computer to one other, I can't just set my path with for example ../../myFolder/

I then tryed to use the environnement variables like this:

-pf %WORKSPACE_LOC%/Path/To/My/

but it seems, that the environnement variables are not correctly interpreted (here an example with %DLC%):

 ** Error starting database server C:/OSC/OSIV/Databases/ApplicationDB/Osiv/Osiv.db  (-S 53300 -pf %DLC%/Launchers/Configuration/

I also tryed with %Variable%, with ${Variable}, with @{Variable} and none of these are working....

Did somebody know if a solution exists ?

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Posted by Sanjeva Manchala on 29-Nov-2018 13:26

Hi Samuel,
There is a way to set configuration variables in PDSOE. Go to Window > Preferences and then select Progress OpenEdge > Configuration Variables. Try to add a new variable for PF file location and use that variable as part of Database connection. Though I didn’t test this use case, but it should work as per my understanding.
I just added pfLoc as a configuration variable, you can check in below screenshot.
Hope this helps,

Posted by Matt Baker on 29-Nov-2018 14:46

Does database startup support configuration variable substitutions?  I know run/debug configurations  support it for many fields, but does database startup?

Posted by Samuel ETTERLEN on 29-Nov-2018 15:10

It seems not, that's my problem....

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