Get and Post - REST - using ABL Procedure

Posted by rubiaoliveira on 15-Nov-2018 23:52

I need to make a program calling a REST URL, post some data and take the response to save in a temp-table, but it's my first time working with this.

The REST URL using the ARC (Advanced Rest Client - Add-on of Google Chrome), is OK , but someone can pass me some example or explain how to do this using an ABL Procedure? I'm looking for this in the Community and on the Progress Documentation in 3 days, without success.


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Posted by Mike Fechner on 17-Nov-2018 06:26

Which OpenEdge release?

Posted by rubiaoliveira on 17-Nov-2018 14:46


Posted by DimitriG4 on 20-Nov-2018 21:00

See if this gets you started:  ( POST A HTTP REQUEST using 4GL )

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