Consuming a (soap) webservice

Posted by Stefan Marquardt on 08-Nov-2018 12:10

Consuming a soap webservice was in the most situations easy with OE IDE, query the wsdl with bproswdl and use the generated predefined templates.
Not so sexy as Visual Studio but o.k.

Now my colleagues activated security on our internal Boomi server and I needed to add a X-KEY in the http header.
PSC informed me that this isn't supported in the old soap client and I have to use .NET methods or the new http client in ABL. (full rewrite)
Both fantastic ideas but how to use it?
Where is the option in the PDS to query the wsdl and generate a template for the http or .NET classed client?
For me it's hard to understand that it looks like that I have to create everything on my own by anaylzing the wsdl manually or with external tools?
With VS Studio I simply add a service reference and can use the created classes.
Where is the counterpart in the PDS?

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