Connecting via JDBC to OpenEdge in Talend

Posted by nicolewells.n on 25-Oct-2018 03:52

In "Talend Data Integration" I want to create a connection using JDBC to a Progress OpenEdge database. I have no experience whatsoever with this type of connection.

My ODBC-connections to the same resources work fine, but Talend requires a JDBC connection to function properly.

The connection settings in Talend I have at the moment are:

DB Type: General JDBC
JDBC URL: jdbc:sqlserver://db-name:port;databaseName=**
Driver jar: ??? (which jar-file do I need for OpenEdge?)
Class name: ??? (which class name do I need for OpenEdge?)
User name: *
Password: *
Schema: ??? (don't know what this means...?)
Mapping file: ??? (which xml-file do I need for Progress OpenEdge?)

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Posted by on 25-Oct-2018 05:06

The jar file(s) you will need to add depends on you OpenEdge version but presuming you're on a relatively recent one you just need $DLC\java\openedge.jar (

As for the class name and URL... 

As for username and password you need to have one added to the database but since you say you already connect to it using ODBC then this is not an issue and the SQL broker is also up and running :)

Marian Edu

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Posted by bbrennan on 25-Oct-2018 16:40

Just 2 weeks ago, I presented at the EMEA PUG Challenge on Talend and OpenEdge.  Here is the PowerPoint for that talk.  It has a lot of information on how to connect via JDBC.

Hope this gets you started properly.

Bob Brennan

IMS, Inc.


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