unable to find ant-libs directory

Posted by naujavaldzia on 17-Oct-2018 03:02

I`m developing Progress Application inside Docker container.

I need to export Web Application to a .WAR file. Following this documentation: https://documentation.progress.com/output/ua/OpenEdge_latest/index.html#page/pdsoe/packaging-an-abl-web-app-project.html, I`ve managed to export Web App on my host machine using cmd. To my knowledge, since 11.7 Progress has built-in Ant. Inside Docker container I`m using PROGRESS_OE_11.7.3_LNX_64_UPDATE.tar. But host machine and Docker container (progress/OpenEdge/java) folder content differs. Due lack of ant-libs directoryI`m not able to run ant built inside container to generate .WAR file from there.

So the question is: why LNX version of Progress does not have ant-libs directory in java folder even though it is 11.7 version? 

Below you can see java folder contents inside container (left) and in my host machine (right)

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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 17-Oct-2018 06:14

Go to $DLC and you should find them under the ant directory.
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Posted by Sanjeva Manchala on 17-Oct-2018 06:28

Hello Paulius Pacevicius,
Are you saying 11.7 version of linux install has ant-libs folder under $DLC\java, whereas 11.7.3 don’t have this folder? If yes, this might be a bug.
I think just copying the “ant-libs” folder from windows to linux should solve the problem you are facing. Please give a try and let us know.
Hope this helps,

Posted by naujavaldzia on 18-Oct-2018 01:01

No, I`m not saying that 11.7 has. I haven`t tested tho.

I`m saying that I was not able to find "ant-libs" folder under $DLC/java directory inside Docker container, which is using 11.7.3 Linux version.

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