Getting SOAP Error - 11773 while calling web service

Posted by mdanwarh on 11-Oct-2018 08:18

Code snippet :

Create server hnwebservice.


If not hnWebservice:connected() then


    Throw error.


Run myproc at procHandle in hnWebservice




I have to process some stuff here. Unfortunately this is how the approach is. 

IF valid-handle( hnwebservice) and valid-handle(procHandle) THEN

    Run myprocedure in hnwebservice no-error .

I get an error Soap process request error: Error receiving Web Service Response : Fatal Error : csnet read operation failed ( Broken pipe) ( 11773) ] .

So, though the valid-handle returns true – Should I still check one more time for hnWebservice:connected()  ?

Thanks in advance
Anwar Hussain

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Posted by gus bjorklund on 12-Oct-2018 01:32

a broken pipe error means that whatever program is at the other end of the pipe has either died or closed the connection.

there may be error messages on the other side in a log someplace.

Posted by mdanwarh on 16-Oct-2018 01:34

Thanks for your response. Before calling  

Run myprocedure in hnwebservice no-error - I do check if the web-service is connected or not  -

If not hnWebservice:connected() then - this is returning "true" . If the connection is broken shouldn't it return false ?

Please help.

Posted by gus bjorklund on 16-Oct-2018 07:30

the broken pipe means the connection was terminated on the other end.

could be that the broken pipe occurred because the process at the other end crashed. check log files.

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