Creating an OpenEdge REST API Only Using Classic AppServer a

Posted by v205 on 10-Oct-2018 09:48


I am using OpenEdge 11.7 64 bit but do not have PAS for OpenEdge license. 

I would like to create a REST API with the Annotations approach (I am aware the new Web Handler approach with PAS for OE is better, but I do not have a license for PAS). 

Could someone please point me to the correct documentation or a video tutorial that acts as a guide for creating a REST API only using the Classic AppServer and a REST Adapter? Perhaps with a sample application? 

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Posted by egarcia on 10-Oct-2018 11:42


The following document might be helpful:


It use PAS for OpenEdge but you can do the same steps with Classic AppServer.

The following videos use 11.6 but it can be useful to learn the concepts:



I hope this helps.

Posted by v205 on 10-Oct-2018 12:39

Thank you @EGarcia. This partly answers my question, but I am also fuzzy on how to replicate "same steps with Classic AppServer."

I understand if I were to follow the Classic AppServer approach, I would need to configure a REST Adapter and a Web Server, as well.

I am looking at possibly a comprehensive picture of the entire setup, with a small/sample application to work with.

Any thoughts?

Posted by Srinivas Munigala on 24-Oct-2018 09:24


Following documentation gives you details about creating and deploying a REST application in Classic AppServer approach:

Few more details about REST application:

There is a step-by-step tutorial available online  on the Progress Education site.

In lesson 2, you will learn how to create a REST Web application from an existing Progress OpenEdge ABL application. First, you will learn, how to annotate ABL resources and create a REST service. Next, you will learn how to map REST operations with ABL operations. Then, you will learn how to publish and test a REST service. Finally, you will learn how to export a REST Web application for deployment.

Hope, this helps.


Srinivas Munigala

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