REST (11.4 to 11.7) unable to use %2F in the path of the URL

Posted by sjellin.dovetail on 31-Aug-2018 08:57

Hi All,

  Has anyone come across an issue using URL (NOT Query) parameters and not being able to use a / or %2F.

  When using the / the expected 404 error is encountered as this is a path separator.

   However when using %2F which is the encoded version of a / in the URL the adapter returns a 400 error - bad request. i.e. the request does not make it out of the adapter. Unfortunately / is a valid character for some of our clients who move parcels

    Without redoing the adapter and front end and asking all our partners to redo their implementation .. is there any way to get the %2F to be accepted as part of the VALUE in the path parameter and not just have the OE REST adapter just kick it out - or is this a valid bug ? i.e.   http://host/myservice/rest/service/parcel/abc%2Fdef/action

  should map abc%2Fdef to an input parameter and not kick out a 400.

  I also checked that if I encode all the /'s in the path as %2F that it throws a 400 - i.e. it isn't trying to decode and match to a path its just returning error

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Posted by Peter Judge on 31-Aug-2018 09:33

Sounds like a bug - or at least something worth talking to Tech Support about.

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