PDSOE - Could not create the view: com.openedge.pdt.text.vie

Posted by jmartin104 on 30-Aug-2018 10:02

I get this message in my Problems tab. I'm not sure if it's creating any real issues but I don't like seeing it. Any thoughts on how to fix?

PDSOE 4.5.2

OpenEdge 11.7.1

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Posted by Matt Baker on 30-Aug-2018 10:06

Do you mean eclipse 4.5.2?  PDSOE version would match the openedge installation version unless you have a custom integration with your own eclipse install.

Do you have the full stack from the eclipse <workspace>/.metadata/.log file?

Posted by jmartin104 on 30-Aug-2018 10:26

Eclipse version

I do have a log but don't find that error in it. I do see an exception though. It's repeated but the program name changes - looks like it's based on date.

org.eclipse.core.internal.resources.ResourceException: Resource '/dev/wire/50088738-2018-08-20-49906.p' does not exist.

Posted by Arno van der Ende on 03-Sep-2018 06:50

Does this happen also in other perspectives?

Posted by Tushar Dhaka on 04-Sep-2018 04:06

OEProblemsView was removed in 117 as part of eclipse upgrade, and so when you open up an old workspace which had that view open it will show this message. It won't cause any issues. In order to get rid of it try resetting your perspective.

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