Develop the Barcode solution for QAD

Posted by vinhng on 24-Aug-2018 02:41

Hello everyone,

I am using Progress database with QAD ERP
I want to develop the Barcode solution for QAD
Currently I am researching the connection between Progress and external device PDA handheld through Webservices.
Has anyone here ever done this solution please advice us the way to do.
There are documents related to Barcode solution, WebServices please share with us.

Best regards

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Posted by vinhng on 13-Sep-2018 04:25

Hello anyone,

Please help us.

Thanks in advance!

Posted by jankeir on 13-Sep-2018 06:41

You'll need to provide more details to get any help. Are you trying to print barcodes or scanning them? What is the PDA you are using? If you are just trying to scan barcodes, all barcode scanners I have seen look like keyboards as far as software is concerned, the software doesn't know that it is a barcode scanner that is entering numbers and just thinks that a user is typing the numbers on a keyboard. That's pretty much all I know about the subject, but if you want others with more knowledge on the subject to help you, you'll have to explain what you are trying to achieve in more detail.

Posted by Roger Blanchard on 13-Sep-2018 07:39

Agree with jankier...more details required.

We have done this many different ways. We still support and maintain our legacy wireless app and used a tool from Jargon Software. It simply makes http post requests to webspeed.

Our new mobile apps were done in OEMobile, then ported to Telerik Platform and now rewritten using NativeScript. All of these mobile apps used REST to get to the server.

Posted by vinhng on 03-Dec-2018 09:47

I want to build the barcode solution can integrate with QAD ERP

so that I can implement to our customers site.

I want to have knowledge, topology from we can start begin

Please advices us.


Posted by gus bjorklund on 04-Dec-2018 23:36

there are numerous barcode libraries available on the net.

pick one that meets your requirements.

Posted by OctavioOlguin on 05-Dec-2018 15:15

I depends which terminal is running your client.

Is it linux chui?

is it windows gui?

is it something else?

It depends.  

For instance, if you are using client networking on windows,

just plug the scanner to the PC and start reading barcodes...  

It also depends on scanner.   Some scaners are pre-configured to just send the barcode to the client and nothing else. Most of the cases you should configure the scanner to send a RETURN code just after the value that was read by the laser (or whatever technology is the scanner using).

Yes, you should provide much more info on your configuration to get some reommendations.

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