QryInfo index stats "unavailable"

Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 23-Aug-2018 16:47

I discovered today that query statistics always show "unavailable" in QryInfo output and that this is a known issue (PSC00309671).

From the KB: "The problem only seems to happen in OpenEdge 11. In OpenEdge 10.2B, the behaviour cannot be reproduced."

This KB is over four years old.  Is this bug going to be fixed at some point?

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Posted by Evan Bleicher on 24-Aug-2018 10:51

Hi Rob:

There is a comment associated with this bug report indicating that this issue only occurs if the query does not return any records.   Is your use case consistent with this observation?

Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 24-Aug-2018 12:33

Hi Evan,

Thanks for your reply.  No, it is not just when there are zero records returned by the query.  This issue can be reproduced as follows:

proserve sports

mpro sports -clientlog client.log -logentrytypes QryInfo:3

for each order-line:


DB Reads:

Table: sp.Order-Line : 872

Index: Order-Line.order-line : UNAVAILABLE

Posted by Evan Bleicher on 24-Aug-2018 15:19

Hi Rob:

I have associated your input to this issue and have reprioritized this defect based on your feedback.


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