Reusing existing domains/authentication system callbacks wit

Posted by Simon L. Prinsloo on 18-Jul-2018 05:03

I am looking into the Spring security in order to use it with the PASOE WEB transport. I want to use the same AppServer instance that I am currently using to serve my APSV Transport.

We have a rich set of domains, each with its own authentication system and authentication system callback, that we use on the APSV Transport. Security is simple and transparent for the programmer.

But looking at Spring, it seems that there is no possibility to re-use the existing call backs when I implement Progress.Security.Realm.IHybridRealm. Nor can I figure out how to set the domain specific, custom properties on the CLIENT-PRINCIPAL (something equivalent to the hPrincipal:SET-PROPERTY () in the current code) .

I would have expected the possibility to use a SECURITY-POLICY:SET-CLIENT() call to invoke the standard, existing authentication system to configure and seal the C-P, which can be handed back to the Spring framework to use as/fabricate a SSO token. Instead it seems that I have to work in reverse, re-doing all the simple work done in the authentication system callback in a much more convoluted way inside the IHybridRealm implementation.

I cannot believe it will be this difficult and hope I am missing something or that the documentation is just too vague.

Could anybody point me to some clear examples of how to do this without a) rewriting all the existing code again for this endpoint and b) preferably without setting up a magnitude of separate AppServers and/or WebApps. Our current config and code is simple and straight forward, I prefer to keep it like that.

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