Unable to access .Net DLL COM from Openedge

Posted by Sivarami Reddy Marella on 08-Jul-2018 23:58

Hi Everyone,

My OE version is - 11.5.1 , I have try to access .NEt com objects from 32 bit dll/64 bit dll's.

My OS is 64 bit and OE product is 32 bit.

I am unable to access the .dll methods and I am getting the attached error message, If I am missing anything do access these dll'd please provide  me the correct steps.

Thanks in advance.


Sivarami Reddy M

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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 09-Jul-2018 07:52

Since your OE product is 32-bit you will only be able to access .dlls which are 32-bit, regardless of whether you are using COM or .NET to access them.
The reverse is true when using a 64-bit OE product.
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Posted by Laura Stern on 09-Jul-2018 09:43

I can't see what's in these screen shots no matter how big I make this.  Too fuzzy.  Could you post the code snippet and the error message(s).  Thanks.

Posted by Laura Stern on 09-Jul-2018 10:01

Oh!  I was corrected that if I click on the image it will open in a separate browser tab and be very clear.

It is unclear what this object is.  If it's COM wrapped by a .NET class, then you need to use it as a .NET class,  not as a COM object.

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