Posted by brianlafertewk on 15-Jun-2018 13:43

I have an old site what uses IIS Window Authentication to control access.  It very happily lets me log in.

I have configured requests to that site to go to a PASOE instance through the Apache Tomcat AJP13 Connector.  The traffic goes through without and issue.

I have my PASOE instance AJP13 connector configured with tomcatAuthentication=false.

On the incoming request, when looking at the PASOE instance access log (tomcat access log), I see the request come in AND I see the user name (Remote-User) in the log entry.

Now, when I try and get that value from an ABL application ... it's not available.  

Using WebHandlers, I assumed the value would be in poRequest:RemoteUser, or poRequest:GetHeader("Remote-User"):VALUE or even poRequest:GetHeader("RemoteUser"):VALUE.


Trying in WebSpeed (using the compatibility handler), I expected maybe the REMOTE_USER variable might have it.  Nope.

So, I know Tomcat knows what the value is (since it's in the log in the 'Remote User' column.  What can't I get the value in the ABL?

(This is on Windows,

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