Using the OpenEdge Mobile Push Notification API for Kinvey

Posted by Ravi Sankar on 13-Jun-2018 08:07


As you know, Telerik Platform has been retired and OpenEdge Telerik Push Notification API is now deprecated.

So, we are releasing an early version of the OpenEdge Mobile Push Notification API that supports sending push notifications via Kinvey to Android and iOS mobile applications. In this release, you can only broadcast a push notification to all devices. We are working on adding support for filtering which we plan to ship in the near future.

In addition we have created sample mobile applications that use Kinvey Push SDK in nativescript & native android/iOS which are available in git at

The following documentation has detailed steps on how to use Kinvey for mobile push notifications from OE applications without using the push library. Guide - Push Notifications with Kinvey.pdf
See "Mobile Push Notification API.pdf" in the attached file that describes list of steps to follow using the OE library.

The attached file contains the following artifacts:

  •—a root CA certificate that you need to install in your OpenEdge certificate store to establish an SSL connection with Kinvey.
  •—an OpenEdge project that contains sample ABL code for sending push notification messages to Kinvey.
  • Mobile Push Notification API.PDF - Documentation on how to steps to use the Openedge push library
  •—the procedure library that contains the OpenEdge Mobile Push Notification API.
  • push.notification.js—a JavaScript file that contains sample code that can be used in a Kinvey custom endpoint.
  • sample-json-message.json - Sample JSON payload with extra push options for Android/iOS

Note all files available in the attachment are also available in git at

All features of Kinvey including push notification support is available to evaluation users as well. So, please do try out and let us know your feedback.



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