Web service error method call becomes untrappable

Posted by jquerijero on 31-May-2018 09:50

I've been trying to create a reproducible code for the problem when errors that are normally trapped by NO-ERROR becomes untrappable (even CATCH is not able to) and the program continues on to the next line after dismissing the error message (it is ignoring DO block directive, at least, when using the debugger). When the error occurs during the call to a web service method, the application might encounter SSL error, which is expected for call over the web. My pared down code is trapping the NO-ERROR with no issue, but the application doesn't. 

Do you know of possible constructs, keywords or statements that could possibly affect NO-ERROR?  

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Posted by Laura Stern on 31-May-2018 10:16

I don't know of any case where an error occurs with NO-ERROR where the error message is not trapped and yet you move onto the next line.  The only thing that should not be handle-able by NO-ERROR are Stop conditions.  But if that occurs, you should NOT move onto the next line.  Program flow would be handled by any ON STOP phrase (or in 11.7 w/ -catchStop by a relevant CATCH block).  

If you manage to create a reproducible case you should log a bug.

Posted by jquerijero on 01-Jun-2018 10:55

I think I have it reproduced.

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