Change workDir attribute of webspeed broker

Posted by shilpi.agarwal3373 on 25-May-2018 04:33


I am using Open Edge 11.4 for webspeed application.

Following is the scenario:

Work Directory(workDir attribute) in webspeed broker is set with UNC Path(\\dev56\devMod) while propath is set with absolute path (F:\dev). The F:\ drive of machine is mapped with \\dev56\devMod (here devMod folder is placed on shared location). I am running the java command from my webspeed application using INPUT THROUGH statement. When I try to run my application, OpenEdge run time/session starts with working directory which is set in webspeed broker configuration. Since WorkDir has UNC Path and command prompt to execute the java does not start with UNC Path. 

So if there exist any way to change the current working directory of my application at run time?

 I can get the current working directory from the following code:  

message FILE-INFO:FULL-PATHNAME view-as alert-box.

But not able to change working directory(workDir attribute) of my application from UNC Path(\\dev56\devMod) to absolute drive letter (F:\) at a run time using 4GL code.

Please suggest If possible to change the workDir attribute of webspeed broker at run time.

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