Procedure: 'WriteBytes OpenEdge.Core.ByteBucket' wit

Posted by on 17-Apr-2018 03:06

Hi All

I have installed Progress Dev AppServer for OE from my OEDK and i noticed it doesn't come with a OE explorer which throw me at first however i have it up and running but now whenever i call it I get a

Procedure: 'WriteBytes OpenEdge.Core.ByteBucket' Line:412) Connection failure for host port 57844 transport TCP. (9407)


Not sure if this is a propath issue or is there any missing components?



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Posted by on 17-Apr-2018 03:26

As a workaround i installed another product that does have OE Explorer and that resolved the issue for me.

I also noticed a lack of PROMSGS.DLL file in the BIN directory which could have caused the issue.

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