Auto-complete for object instances in PDS

Posted by Steven Peeters on 09-Apr-2018 04:29

11.6.3 Win 32-bit (PDS 4.3)

I'm having some issues in PDS regarding auto-complete of class instances.
(The following is a short example).

I have a subdirectory "cls" that has 2 classes: ErrorObj.cls and ErrorObj2.cls.
I have the cls directory added to propath.

The ErrorObj.cls class has no specific package statement (just "class ErrorObj:...").
When I use CTRL-SPACE on an instance of this object, I get full autocompletion (Progress.Lang methods like ToString() included).

ErrorObj2.cls is defined with package-name ("class cls.ErrorObj2:...")
For autocompletion on this object's instance I need to press CTRL-SPACE 2x before getting any results.
Also I don't see the inherited class methods from Progress.Lang in the autocomplete list (even though calling the methods works).

What am I doing wrong here?



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Posted by Steven Peeters on 16-Apr-2018 07:03

Let me simplify my question...

In PDS regarding syntax-completion assistance: what's the difference between invoking the feature with CTRL-SPACE one time and CTRL-SPACE 2 times? And why is it completing my object instance methods etc only when I press CTRL-SPACE twice?

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