REST Handlers in 11.6

Posted by oedev on 28-Mar-2018 10:10

I have Progress Dev Studio OE 11.6 32 bit installed.

We have a traditional webspeed application in 10.2B which needs migrating to 11.6. No embedded HTML, so I think Web Handlers will suffice for our migration.

If my understanding is correct, to be able to use Web Handlers, I will need to configure PAS ? 

1 - Is that not included in Dev Studio, as I get a message "PAS not licensed for AdminServer: machine-name" when I try to configure one

2 - Is PASOE only available with 64bit version of Openedge? So a separate Progress install with appropriate license will be required?

If someone can point me to documentation that can answer my queries that would be appreciated.


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Posted by James Palmer on 28-Mar-2018 10:18

It's definitely 64bit installs only unfortunately.

Posted by oedev on 29-Mar-2018 03:02

Thanks James.

Some further questions then;

1 - as we are developing and deploying a 32 bit product (due to legacy ActiveX controls), to use PASOE we'll need to install both 32 and 64 bit versions of dev studio?

2 - to migrate to webspeed in 11.6, is PASOE required to be installed ? Are REST handlers the only way to migrate from Webspeed 10.2 to 11.6 onwards?


Posted by Mike Fechner on 29-Mar-2018 03:07

1) that might simplify things. But a 64 bit PASOE install in parallel to the 32 bit PDSOE install might work as well.

2) we need to know more about your webspeed application. But classic WebSpeed is still available with the classic AppServer.

Posted by oedev on 29-Mar-2018 03:26

Thanks Mike

Our webspeed application is basically a data access layer, so serves data via AJAX calls to our SPA (Single Page Application). We normally have 2 web servers in play, one to serve the static content, and a second one for webspeed.

Posted by Peter Judge on 29-Mar-2018 08:13

You can run classic WebSpeed in PASOE using the provided CompatibilityWebHandler.  The base URL will, of course, change.  It should Just Work although if you've tweaked web-disp.p then you may have some more work to do (it's related to the differences between the event loops in PASOE and Classic WebSpeed).

There's some documentation at .

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