@PJL EOJ NAME on an extra blank page when printing

Posted by francois.caron on 07-Feb-2018 13:20

Hi there,

We changed our printer and now every time we print something, it spits out an extra sheet of paper with this command:

@PJL EOJ NAME = « 2580157412 »

The printer is configured in the application under "Logical Output" having a value like "net use ltp1: \\[server]\[printer_share_name]

Before, with another printer it works fine... but the provider is forcing us to replaced it and we have no choice.

Do someone know where I can fix this issue?

We use 8.2 version and the printer's brand is Xerox. :-/


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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 07-Feb-2018 13:24

Try going into the printer driver settings and setting the output format to RAW.
If that doesn’t help, you could try switching the driver to Generic / Text Only.

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