Posted by bart.syryn on 09-Jan-2018 02:17

Hi, More and more customers are using GMail instead of outlook so they ask the connection between the application and Gmail. Clicking on an email-adress in our application normaly opens an empty outlook-mail where the to-adress is filled in. Sometimes there's also an attachment added to the mail. I can do the same thing with Gmail by just opening an URL: But this doesn't work with attachments. So I looked at the API of GMail: Google.Apis.Gmail.v1.dll to see if that was the way to go. Problem is, I can't add the DLL to my assemblies.xml (error The following library could not be loaded). My question is, did anyone succeeded in using GMail API, how can this be done, maybe an example ... In the near future we would like to do the same thing with google sheet etc. Best regards Bart S

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Posted by jankeir on 09-Jan-2018 02:29

For integrating GUI applications you can use


- I wrote it, and did so when I wasn't doing much Java.

- It's a bit of a hack, it was written when no other options were available, when the gmail https api wasn't available yet, so it uses imaps for uploading, which has some security implications (basically you need to enable it, less secure apps and have to create an application specific password.) It's a bit of a fuss to get started the first time these days.

- It ought to be ported to the https api, but I can't find the time.

- The part you want to use from abl is gmaildrafter. Just type java -jar gmaildrafter.jar -help  in dos for instructions.

Posted by jankeir on 09-Jan-2018 02:33

Disclaimers notwithstanding we have been using it for almost 5 years now without significant issues for some 5000 users, and I am aware of several other big enterprises that rely on it. Just make sure you understand how it works before using it.

Posted by bart.syryn on 12-Jan-2018 08:41


Thanks for replying.

I've downloaded the installation, tvhgooglemapisetup-0.8.3.exe, then I saw there was a DLL (tvhgooglemapi.dll). I tried to add that to my assemblies.xml in PDSOE, but failure (could not be loaded).

What am I doing wrong ? ....

Posted by Brian K. Maher on 12-Jan-2018 08:46

Is the dll really a .net assembly?  Maybe its just a regular old dll.
If it is a .net assembly, use fuslogvw.exe (search for it on your system) and log all assembly load attempts.  It will tell you what is wrong.

Posted by jankeir on 12-Jan-2018 09:16

The dll is not a .net assembly, it's implementing the windows simplemapi api and translating it to the input parameters for gmaildrafter which it calls by executing it. You can just use os-command to call java -jar gmaidrafter... yourself, no need for the dll .

Posted by jankeir on 12-Jan-2018 09:18

I _think_ you could also use this: for accessing both tvhgooglemapi and outlook or whatever is the default mailclient in windows.

Posted by bernhardkraml on 16-Jan-2018 05:14

Hello Brian,

I searched for fuslogvw.exe but couldn't find it.

I have am similar problem, with a .net not starting.


Posted by Brian K. Maher on 16-Jan-2018 05:58

Hi Bernhard,
Sorry about that, you need to install the .NET SDK.  I thought it was in the .NET Framework directorys under C:\Windows.

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