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Posted by Pierre Blitzkow on 05-Jan-2018 12:43


Does anyone have an example of how to do communication between HTML5 and Progress through Webservice?

Thank you in advance.

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Posted by mkontwg on 07-Jan-2018 23:32

Hi Pierre

What are trying to achieve? Did you check documentation on version 11 from progress?

Posted by Pierre Blitzkow on 10-Jan-2018 07:36


I have an interface that was developed in Flex (Adobe) that communicates with the progress very simply, using httpservice via Webspeed, I execute a .p that receives values and returns values, however I need to migrate this interface since Flex depends on Flash plugin, I'm seeing if I discover a way to make this same call via webspeed with html5.

Thank you for attention.

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