TensorFlow serving vs TensorFlow service

Posted by emmablisa on 05-Jan-2018 06:34

I have a question regarding the difference between TensorFlow Serving versus TensorFlow service. (Sorry that I'm not familiar with this at all.)

I found TensorFlow serving's definition, which is "TensorFlow Serving is a flexible, high-performance serving system for machine learning models, designed for production environments."(www.tensorflow.org/.../) While I'm wondering what TensorFlow service is? Such as in this sentences:

"TensorFlow models can be deployed to production services like TensorFlow service, and mobile devices."

And what are the production services? I guess the TensorFlow service refers to some service that helps manage TensorFlow, rather than TensorFlow Serving which is a system to deploy the TensorFlow model. Is that correct? I'm confused about what the TensorFlow service is, can you share some light on it?


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Posted by Stefan Drissen on 05-Jan-2018 08:19

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